Customer Management System for Contractors

Designed for paving, sealcoating, roofing, siding, gutter, window and similar contractors, IQ4Contractors is Customer Relations Management Software for Contractors that will manage the whole process from lead, to quote, to work order, to purchase order, to invoice.

How does one system work for all those types of companies? IQ4Contractors is highly customized for each client. We start with the core system, but after that, it’s completely customized based on your specifications and needs.

There is an advantage to having a streamlined system to handle all the different processes in your job’s lifecycle. You can do more work in less time. You can get more quotes out, priced accurately, and printed on the spot at your lead’s house. You can eliminate duplication of information, and you can analyze your data to give you better information for running your business.

Beat your competition with better looking quotes, created and printed on the spot. Most of your competition can’t do that…yet. Customers can see that you are a forward thinking company and they will feel better about accepting your bid over the competition.

Fast and Accurate Estimates. Complicated estimates can be made easy with one of our custom-designed worksheets. We’ll design an easy to use form that prompts you to fill out all the necessary information and it will create the estimate based on your formulas.

Easy to use. The screens are easy to follow. We are here to support you. No server hardware or IT staff required. All you need is a web-browser and an internet connection.

  • Leads- entered and picked up from anywhere
  • Quotes – create and print them at your prospect’s location
  • Quote Worksheets -makes quoting fast, easy and accurate Fast Access to Important Information – lookup customers, find quotes and invoices on the road
  • Store and retrieve Word, Excel, Jpeg, and Scanned documents
  • Quickly create POs, Work Orders, and Invoices
  • View important activity at a glance. See what’s going on with your company – from the office, from home, or from the vacation cottage
  • Built-in analysis reports. See which crews have the most call-backs, which sales people are closing the most deals, what lead sources are generating the most leads…and more
  • Automated daily backups with redundant offsite storage
  • Full, personal, and responsive support
  • Fully Customizable. We’ll design it to fit your company.