Custom Business Applications for any Company

Whether you are a large corporation or a small business, the need may arise for development of specialized applications for your sales staff, support staff, customers, or dealers. Why are we the right company to develop your apps? Because from the beginning you will be working directly with one of the developers who will be building the application. We are easy to deal with, speak plainly, and are humble. Our job from the beginning is to understand your needs and time-frame. Once we do, we can develop the app confident that we are going to meet your specs and your schedule, and you are going to like the results.
We develop .Net/SQL Server-based applications with C# as our primary .Net language. These are typically web-based apps that your users can access from anywhere with just a web-browser. We can host on our servers or yours, depending on your requirements.
If you are in need of a new application for your business, why not contact us and lets talk about your requirements. Learn about how easy, and cost effective it can be to have FivePaws DotNet create your business applications.

A Custom Software Solution for Paving Companies - IQ4Contractors

IQ4Contractors (IQ4C) is a fully-customizable CRM System for Contractors, for managing customers and leads, creating estimates, job scheduling and invoicing. IQ4C is a web-based application in use by Home Improvement, and Paving/Sealcoating companies across the country.
Starting with our “Core” system, we can quickly and economically modify IQ4C based on your specifications to make our system do things your way, because we realize that all companies have different processes and different ways of doing things. Tell us what you need it to do, and well build the perfect CRM system for you.

CRM/Estimating System for Contractors - IQ4Contractors for Paving

From the moment you receive a new lead, you need a system to manage it from start to finish. That means from Lead to Estimate to Job Scheduling, to Invoice, and reporting. That’s what our CRM systems do – they take it from one step to the next, all the way to completion. But we know that not all of our clients do things the same way.  We find that our customers those who have special requirements or unique ways of managing their customer records we offer the fully-customizable IQ4Contractors System for Paving.

Some of Our Clients

FivePaws DotNet Solutions, LLC is located in the Ann Arbor, MI area developing web-based CRM Systems since 2006. We enjoy the challenge of learning our client’s needs and in creating software systems to meet and exceed their expectations. I think one of our strongest suits is that you can pick up the phone and talk directly to the people responsible for developing and maintaining your applications. If there’s a problem, call us and we’ll get right on it to make sure the problem is resolved. Need a new feature? Pick up the phone, talk to us, and in no time we’ll be working on a new solution for you.

We serve clients all over the US, with clients in our home state of Michigan, and in multiple states, including CT, GA, NY, WI, MN, OR, NC, and IL. No matter where you are in the US or Canada, we can build the perfect CRM System for you.